Jul 25, 2012

La Marmotte - Part 2

Saturday 7th July - Success!


We are pleased to confirm that Keith was successful in completing the epic cyclo-sportive event, La Marmotte.

This is a serious challenge over serious mountains (174km of alpine cycling, ascending over 5000m) with devastating climbs and perilous descents.

Words like "gruelling", "arduous" and "exhausting" are an understatement.

Keith finished the event, physically and mentally drained, in a touch over 9 hours - longer than he had hoped for but still a massive achievement!

He explained, "By the third of the four ascents I felt physically sick and thought I wasn't going to finish. I've never had to dig so deep and neither has my team mate. We were both grateful for the mutual support and encouragement that kept us going."

When questioned about the wisdom of entering such an event at his age, Keith does now acknowledge that he probably needs psychiatric help.

Congratulations all the same!