May 17, 2012

Laser-welded Ductwork

Hard to believe how time marches on!
It's now 10 years since laser welded ductwork was introduced and incorporated into the Truduct standard ductwork range.
Applicable to galvanised straight duct up to 400mm diameter, the laser-welded seam was and remains a major development in the manufacturing process, providing a leak free longitudinal joint, perfectly smooth internal surface and an enhanced physical appearance.
Reduced system air losses are significant, increasing plant efficiency and improving cost effective operation and the feature has also proved popular with installation engineers – cutting and re-lipping ductwork to suit site conditions being considerably easier with no lockformed seam to contend with.
The laser-welded duct has a very narrow welded seam.
Besides the technical improvements, the duct has a neater
external appearance than the traditional, longitudinally
lock-formed duct and a smoother internal bore.